Brooksby Hall – 1930s In September 1949, Peter Dalton, now 95, enrolled at the Agricultural College established at Brooksby Hall. Leicestershire County bought the estate from the Beattys just before the end of the Second World War to give ex-servicemen a trade or find a job in agriculture. Peter, who was an air force soldier,… Continue reading Brooksby


The Black Horse Inn – 1916 Besides the village hall, the church, the post office and the local shop, the pub is one of the traditional and basic elements of village life. Standing on the village green facing The Black Horse Inn, with the old post office on the right, I wonder how much of… Continue reading Grimston


Firdale – 1950s Entering Somerby village from Owston on the right lies Firdale, a post-World War II cul-de-sac. “The first eight houses in Firdale which include the two on Owston Road were completed in 1948 and built by AJ Stimson, a local building contractor”, knows Howard Cooley. Janie Wild adds: “My dad Fred worked for… Continue reading Somerby

Great Dalby

The Green – 1920s The First World War memorial on the village green gives the main clue to the picture which was taken after 25 July 1920, when the monument was unveiled by ex Private Harry Bonshor and Vicar Reverend R.C. Dashwood. “Harry Bonshor is my grandfather and he has a special place in my… Continue reading Great Dalby

Melton Mowbray

Ankle Hill – 1908 More than a century ago the foilage met above the middle of the road, reflecting playful shades on the sunny dirt track. Now there are still trees, less though, mostly on the right-hand side. The abundant leafy green feel is gone. In search of the old photographer’s spot I walked up… Continue reading Melton Mowbray