Category: Melton Borough Villages

  • Melton Mowbray

    Melton Mowbray

    Carnegie Free Library – 1910s A sizeable 30 ft by 20 ft general reading room, a room for ladies, a lending library and a reference library, all heated by hot water pipes and lighted by electricity. That was the interior of the Carnegie Free Library Tudor-style red bricks and stone building, with a 40-feet high […]

  • Shoby


    Shoby Priory – 1970s “As a kid, living in Grimston, I spend a lot of evenings down at Shoby Priory to play with David and his two sisters, Tom Elliott’s children,” recollected Chris Sharp. “I was born in 1950, so that was in the middle and late 1950s. The Elliotts were tenant farmers and lived […]

  • Saxby


    Garthorpe Road – 1960 “The village can be missed if you look down to turn on your car radio,” wrote Richard Edmondson in the Melton Times of 28 September 1984 about Saxby. If you should do so, there is also a chance you will end up on the verge because of the main road twisting […]

  • Six Hills

    Six Hills

    The Durham Ox – Late 1940s “To start. There are no hills at Six Hills,” said Bob Trubshaw of The Wolds Historical Organisation (WHO), founded in 1987 to promote interest in the local history of the villages on the western side of the Leicestershire Wolds in Charnwood Borough. Six Hills lies on the edge of […]

  • Little Dalby

    Little Dalby

    Church of St James – 1910s Halfway up the road, Church Street becomes somewhat steep and bumpy. I leave my car and continue on foot. Nature is in full spring with the sweet smell of hawthorn and cow parsley. My destination is Little Dalby’s Church of St James, standing isolated on a crisp green wooded […]