Travel in Time is a project that matches old photographs with current views of the same places. By comparing the old and new pictures, the effect of time becomes clear. Additionally, adding stories about the place triggers the imagination and brings the location to life.

This project is designed to engage the community. It works closely with local people and historical societies to achieve this goal.


Memories are an integral part of our lives and shape our identity. They make us human and help us regulate our emotions and function in society. Looking at old photographs of our childhood home, street, village, town, and city evokes memories and stories recounted in snippets or long conversations.

Sharing our memories is a great way to connect with people. We often talk about the places we have visited in the past or still visit, where we grew up or had our first romantic date, and where our loved ones lived or still live. In a way, we are addicted to our own personal history and memories.

Many of the locations that we hold dear in our memories have undergone significant changes over the years. The house where we were born, the street where we used to play, the village where our grandparents lived, the town where we met our partner, and the city where we studied all look different now compared to how they appeared years ago.

Many of us are interested in observing the differences between the past and the present. We are curious about how places and objects have transformed over time, and we also like to compare how things were when our parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents were young. By doing so, we create a connection to our history and pass it on to the upcoming generations.


To bring people closer together and to revive communication between villagers.

To enhance regional and local connections and visitors’ experiences.

To raise awareness about the significance of local history in general or specific features

To record oral history and preserve memories of life and work in a particular region during the past century.

To inspire people to explore new places or visit familiar places with a fresh perspective.

Made by

Travel in Time is managed by Estelle Slegers Helsen, a history researcher and photographer. Her passion lies in connecting people, their roots and the beauty of life itself. Estelle is always on the look of the perfect light.

She is a digital nomad based in Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire, UK.