Category: Landscapes

  • Wyfordby


    Lock 7, Melton to Oakham Canal – 1967 With a photograph from David Tew’s book The Oakham Canal, first printed in 1968, I headed for Wyfordby, a few miles east of Melton Mowbray, in the valley of the River Eye. Paul Dadford of the Oakham Canal Green Corridor Project gave me some instructions to start: […]

  • Eastwell


    Newbridge Quarry – 1930s For about 80 years ironstone quarrying scarred the western and southern landscape outside Eastwell village. One of the areas, Newbridge Quarry, started near White Lodge and developed in a northerly direction and adjacent to the Waltham Road. Graham Doyle of Eastwell History Group comments: “It was worked from 1903, throughout the […]

  • Morvern


    Morvern, historically also spelt Morven, (Gaelic: A’ Mhorbhairne: the sea-gap) is the most southerly peninsula of the West Highland peninsulas. As a gateway by ferry to the Isle of Mull, it is bounded to the north by Loch Sunart and Glen Tarbert, on the south-east by Loch Linnhe and the south-west by the Sound of Mull. […]

  • Derbyshire


    Earl Sterndale As a village in the Upper Dove Valley, Earl Sterndale is popular with walkers, as it lies close to the distinctive and only ‘real’ peaks in the Peak District: Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill. May 2020. Coming back from a hike along both hills our car is parked near Crowdecote Lane running southeast to the nearby […]

  • Hoby


    View on the village – 1950s From Back Lane, a public footpath leads downhill to the pastures where the river Wreake slowly meanders from Melton Mowbray towards Leicester. Passing a second kissing gate and rambling along a muddy path, I reach a sharp bend. There, at a small brick bridge crossing a brook, I set […]