Melton Borough Villages

Discover the remakes of an eclectic collection of old postcards and photographs from the end of the 19th century to the 1970s, highlighting the 70 villages of the Melton Borough and Melton Mowbray.

  • Rotherby


    Main Street – All Saint Church – 1920s At first sight, the three main subjects in the old postcard – cottage, church and trees – still dominate the remake. Although there are some changes. Rose Cottage on the left-hand side got a front gable extension, and a car-wide entrance replaced a small single porch, keeping […]

  • Thorpe Satchville

    Thorpe Satchville

    Church Lane – 1920s My tripod is set alongside the busy Main Street part of the road from Melton Mowbray to Market Harborough (B6047), with a view into Church Street. A lot of cars go faster than the 30 mph speed limit. Some hit their brakes when noticing my camera, thinking I am checking for […]

  • Holwell


    The Village Green – 1910s Holwell is associated with extensive iron ore quarrying from the end of the 19th century up to the 1960s in this part of the Leicestershire Wolds. Although the landscape around the village dramatically changed due to the quarrying, Holwell itself still looks like many people remember. Mark Baxter recollected: “Not […]

  • John O’Gaunt

    John O’Gaunt

    Railway Station – 1951 Jubilee House on the left, mostly hidden behind an outhouse of the John O’Gaunt railway station, is the only feature still visible of an old snapshot taken from a moving train. 70 years later, Luke Atton brought me to the exact spot where the picture was taken, showing me where the […]

  • Shoby


    Shoby Priory – 1970s “As a kid, living in Grimston, I spend a lot of evenings down at Shoby Priory to play with David and his two sisters, Tom Elliott’s children,” recollected Chris Sharp. “I was born in 1950, so that was in the middle and late 1950s. The Elliotts were tenant farmers and lived […]