Melton Borough Villages

Waltham on the Wolds - High St
Waltham on the Wolds

Ongoing weekly series on the 75 villages and hamlets of the Melton Mowbray area.

Thomson’s Scotland

W.S. Thomson - Ballachulish Ferry
The “Prince Louis” from Gordonstoun School passes through Ballachulish Ferry © W.S. Thomson
Original postcard Collection John Park

Remakes of 1940s, 1950s and 1960s landscape pictures of the Scottish photographer W. S. Thomson (1906-1967).

In 2022 remakes and collect stories for the Lochaber Series, supported by the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund and the West Highland Museum, Fort William,

Grantham Canal

Redmile - Grantham Canal - Then and now
Grantham Canal with view on Redmile Church

Ongoing series on the bridges, locks, wharves, winding holes, towpaths and buildings along the canal that runs from Grantham to Nottingham.

Londonthorpe Woods and Belton Park

Belton House - View from south-east - Then en now
Belton House, view from south-east

Brings the history of this green belt north east of Grantham from the 19th century up to the post World War II period back to life.