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  • Travelog – 24 September 2022

    Travelog – 24 September 2022

    When awake, I look outside. The landscape is covered in mist, and the rain has stopped. It feels like autumn, just missing the changing of colours. I pack my soaked tent, leaving the campsite at 7 am and drive up the road, halfway to Polloch, to scan the mined landscape. The higher hills are bathing […]

  • Travelog – 23 September 2022

    Travelog – 23 September 2022

    Hooray, another busy day ahead, with another copious breakfast to keep me running for the morning. I leave Corran and drive up to Fort William. My first stop is a chat with Jean, whom I talked to several times on the phone and now face-to-face for the first time. Her grandfather lived as a shepherd […]

  • Travelog – 22 September 2022

    Travelog – 22 September 2022

    Today is a busy day, meeting people I interviewed before for the Lochaber Series, starting with a good breakfast. I am on the road at 8.30 am with the first stop at Ronald’s house in Banavie. Stories about the area and snippets of information about Thomson keep coming when revisiting. The next catch-up is with […]

  • Travelog – 21 September 2022

    Travelog – 21 September 2022

    Slightly changing colours accompanies today’s autumn equinox, although the weather is grey and it feels damp outside. After another good night’s rest and a languid breakfast with my mind chewing on different questions, I first tackle the planning for the day and the next two to come. In the end, everything will fit in. And […]

  • Travelog – 20 September 2022

    Travelog – 20 September 2022

    After a good night’s rest and long and slow breakfast, I am ready to tackle another day. In the morning, I contact all people on my to-visit list, knowing it will be hard to catch them all in the following days. Around noon I head to Fort William. Before meeting with Vanessa and Chris of […]