School Lane – End 1930s Matt Smith moved to London about 25 years ago and has many loving memories about the first 25 years of his life in Harby. “I had a safe upbringing in a rural environment. Me and my best mate, went off down the fields for hours and hours on end, never… Continue reading Harby


Main Street – 1920s When Michael Goodacre heard that Sewstern would be one of the next villages being highlighted in this series, he wrote to me with an invitation to have a chat. Michael came to the village in 1959. “When I married, my father went to Escritt and Darrell, an estate agent in Grantham,… Continue reading Sewstern


King Street – 1930s When Pam Tripp (née Machin) had a look at the old postcard of King Street taken from South Street, she started leafing through an 1894 Leicestershire edition of the Wright’s directory. She pointed her finger at ‘Mrs Fanny Machin, Black Horse’ and said: “That is my great-grandmother who ran the oldest… Continue reading Scalford


Easthorpe Lane – Around 1980 Forty years after the old black and white picture was taken, you don’t have to worry about cars coming from your back when standing in the middle of the road, facing the junction with Church Lane and Woolsthorpe Lane. The reason is simple: the road from Easthorpe to Muston was… Continue reading Muston

Old Dalby

The Green – 1902-1905 A postcard always becomes more interesting when it is used and posted. And a postage stamp narrows down the time the picture was taken and printed. Unfortunately, the stamp is missing. A stamp collector must have got hold of the postcard. When seeing the picture, Denise Tewson asked: “Do you know… Continue reading Old Dalby