Category: Streetscapes

  • Six Hills

    Six Hills - The Durham Ox - Then and now

    The Durham Ox – Late 1940s “To start. There are no hills at Six Hills,” said Bob Trubshaw of The Wolds Historical Organisation (WHO), founded in 1987 to promote interest in the local history of the villages on the western side of the Leicestershire Wolds in Charnwood Borough. Six Hills lies on the edge of […]

  • Little Dalby

    Little Dalby - Church of Saint James - Then and now

    Church of St James – 1910s Halfway up the road, Church Street becomes somewhat steep and bumpy. I leave my car and continue on foot. Nature is in full spring with the sweet smell of hawthorn and cow parsley. My destination is Little Dalby’s Church of St James, standing isolated on a crisp green wooded […]

  • Welby

    Welby - St Bartholomew's Church - 1900s - Then and now

    St Bartholomew’s Church – 1900s Set on a hill to the north overlooking farmland and Welby Grange Farm, to the south the industrial park of Holwell Works, the St Bartholomew’s Church of Welby is the most isolated church in the Melton Mowbray Borough. “The church is the only medieval building of what was once Welby […]

  • Asfordby Valley

    Asfordby Valley - Rosebery Avenue - Then and now

    Rosebery Avenue – 1904-1906/8 About a century ago, standing in the middle of a street with a heavyweight camera mounted on a robust tripod to take a picture wasn’t an issue. Traffic was sparse and slow. But a photographer’s visit was an attraction, and residents were often pictured in their Sunday best. For a 2022 […]

  • Kirby Bellars

    Kirby Bellars - Main Street - Post Office - Then and now

    Main Street – 1910s “I was born in that bedroom there, in 1936,” Sheila Taylor said enthusiastically, putting her finger on the first-floor window in the photograph, left of the passage between the two pictured groups of cottages. My grandmother, from my mother’s side, lived at the other end of the three cottages. The Gaines […]

  • Garthorpe

    Garthorpe - Grange Farm and The Row - Then and now

    Grange Farmhouse and The Row – 1960 Grange Farmhouse and The Row are the main features in the picture of Garthorpe taken from the bridge over the River Eye. 60 years later, not much is changed. “A map of 1829 marks The Row, a terrace of nine cottages, very modern for that time and rather […]

  • Saxelby

    Saxelby - Grimston Station - Then and now

    Grimston Station – 1910s Risking a charge of trespass to photograph the remake, I couldn’t stand in the exact spot where the photographer was more than a century ago. The old picture is taken from the north side of the railway bridge over the road leading to Saxelby village. I positioned myself on the south […]

  • Chadwell

    Chadwell - Church of Saint Mary - Then and now

    Church of St Mary – 1910s On arrival, I was surprised to see the lovely church of St Mary surrounded by a safety fence. Most parts of the graveyard and the path to the church’s porch entrance are still accessible. A pinned note at the closed wooden door, printed in capital letters, reads: “St Mary’s […]

  • Cold Overton

    Cold Overton - Somerby Road - Then and now

    Somerby Road – 1905 Once a sandy road at the junction to Knossington, curving down to Somerby, these days that same road is much busier with cars, lorries, and tractors. Even two beautiful brown draft horses, each pulling a sulky, a rather unusual spectacle, passed by when I was waiting to photograph an empty Somerby […]

  • Wartnaby

    Wartnaby - St Michael and All Angels' Church - Then and now

    Saint Michael and All Angels’ Church – 1970s The small village of Wartnaby, drenched in medieval history, is a hidden gem tucked away slightly downhill to the south from what is now a relatively busy road. In the past, this road was known as the Saltway, an old way which ran along the southern edge […]