Cropwell Butler

Cropwell Top Lock Where once stood an extraordinary range of buildings, comprising of lock keeper’s cottage, other cottages, and workshops, now lies grass. The remake gives little indication of what must have been a busy location. The old picture is made circa 1955. The text A Social History of Cropwell Butler gives a general view… Continue reading Cropwell Butler


Along The Grantham Canal – 1920s Taken on a calm cloudy winter’s day, the old postcard features an unrippled strip of water, the Grantham Canal. Redmile lies about one-third of the way along the canal towards Nottingham downstream from Grantham. 33 miles in length this nineteenth-century canal was one of many in England, intensively navigated… Continue reading Redmile

Woolsthorpe by Belvoir

A series of seven locks Since 1994 Grantham Canal Society has restored five locks at Woolsthorpe by Belvoir. In total there are seven locks, the so-called Woolsthorpe Flight, a climb of a little over 50 feet. Looking upstream from Woolsthorpe Bridge you can see Willis’s Lock (Lock 17), it is close by. Further in the… Continue reading Woolsthorpe by Belvoir