When on the road, I keep a diary. Read about my wanderings, the making-off and my searches in archives.

  • Travelogue – 17 February 2024

    Travelogue – 17 February 2024

    Going home Yes! Time to pack, which takes about ten minutes. I say goodbye to my host and catch the first bus, changing buses at Morningside Station. On a Saturday morning, the Edinburgh roads are quiet. I have oat milk coffee in The Global Deli this morning, but I order a tasty vegetarian breakfast, which […]

  • Travelogue – 16 February 2024

    Travelogue – 16 February 2024

    National Library of Scotland 16 February is my favourite day of the year to plunge into the bottomless archives an library of the National Library of Scotland. I keep a spreadsheet of my searches, amongst others, to keep track. I see by accident that not only this year but also the previous two years, I […]

  • Travelogue – 15 February 2024

    Travelogue – 15 February 2024

    Research continues Windy and wet this morning. But high and dry on the bus with a front seat view, My host tells me roadworks are all over the city to create more cycle lanes, to lay more cables for faster internet and to improve the pavements. She claims the conditions of the road are horrible, […]

  • Travelogue – 14 February 2024

    Travelogue – 14 February 2024

    Edinburgh’s NLS How romantic! I am five hours from home on Valentine’s Day, which is just a day like another for me and my husband. A lovely surprise awaits me when I take the apartment’s stairs to catch the bus and look into the back garden from the first floor. A fox is sleeping, nicely […]

  • Travelogue – 13 February 2024

    Travelogue – 13 February 2024

    Family history… and more research The British Union Jack flies high atop the triangular fronton of the main building of the National Records of Scotland (NRS) at Princes Street in Edinburgh. The Scottish Saltire waves from the flagpole several feet below, on the balustrade of the first floor above the main entrance door. While waiting […]