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  • Travelogue – 24 November 2023

    Travelogue – 24 November 2023

    Andersonian Library Waking up in a place you don’t know always feels strange. It was late before going to bed – I had to write an email to Robin Campbell, the Scottish Mountaineering Club Honorary Archivist, to deal with a few questions on the archive deposited at the National Library of Scotland – but I […]

  • Travelogue – 23 November 2023

    Travelogue – 23 November 2023

    To Edinburgh and Glasgow The morning is nearly awake, with some gleaming pastel colours covered by lower grey clouds. In Grantham, I board a train to Edinburgh for a ten-day trip to Glasgow and Edinburgh. My main goal is to dive into archives to continue my search on the work and life of the Scottish […]

  • Travelogue – 18 September 2023

    Travelogue – 18 September 2023

    Ullapool Museum Today is the end of the second week of my stay in the Scottish Highlands and I am still enjoying camping life despite last week’s storm. I have lost a bit of my confidence – and my wanderings in the footsteps of the Scottish photographer W.S. Thomson. My new tent has a patio, […]

  • Travelogue – 17 September 2023

    Travelogue – 17 September 2023

    Discovering Ullapool It is a chilly, beautiful morning with lovely toned red and yellow colours to the northeast, the sun now almost rising in the east because the autumnal equinox is only a few days away. Looking at the top of the hills, I think about the work of Fabienne Verdier, a contemporary French artist […]

  • Travelogue – 16 September 2023

    Travelogue – 16 September 2023

    To Ullapool After an early rise, I make breakfast and pack my stuff slowly. All has to be in place in the car to keep travelling comfortable. It is a sunny day, so summer is back again. Today, the trip will go further Up North to Ullapool with possible stops at the Gruinard Bay View […]