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  • Travelogue – 14 September 2023

    Travelogue – 14 September 2023

    Gairloch Museum What a night. I wake up at 1 am because of the storm. The tent is struggling. I look on my phone for the Windy app, the weather app I use most and purple Anticyclone is slowly moving north and also somewhat more to the east, so inland. Gusts of about 45 to […]

  • Travelogue – 13 September 2023

    Travelogue – 13 September 2023

    Rediscovering Gairloch It is a lovely morning. Waking up late, I take my time for breakfast – the usual. Today, I plan to meet people and explore places: Badachro and Gairloch Harbour. But first, writing awaits me because I am a few days behind. Writing each evening about what happened the same day didn’t work […]

  • Travelogue – 12 September 2023

    Travelogue – 12 September 2023

    To Gairloch Another early start, at 7 am, all packed, the sky filled with thick grey clouds, knowing it can change every minute. The self-chosen death of a friend and colleague, when I was still living on the continent, on a very bright and sunny summer Friday in Belgium last week, surrounded by her family, […]

  • Travelogue – 11 September 2023

    Travelogue – 11 September 2023

    To Torridon By 7 am, I am on the road, already having taken most of my gear into the car the evening before. I just had to dress, take the sleeping bag and mat, and pack the tent. Just as I was ready, it started to rain for a while. I stop at the Applecross […]

  • Travelogue – 10 September 2023

    Travelogue – 10 September 2023

    Applecross Peninsula Hmm… my neighbour – the one with the geologist hammer (she is a geologist) – has a light snore. I think only ‘old” people snore. Wrong… The weather doesn’t look that good for today, and starts with a breakfast with the regular ingredients. It is Sunday, but there is no egg on the […]