Thomson’s Scotland is an ongoing series of remakes of photographs taken by the Scottish landscape photographer W.S. Thomson MBE (1906-1967) in his beloved home country.

  • Travelogue – 11 February 2024

    Travelogue – 11 February 2024

    A day off It is late afternoon when I am on the bus to Oxgangs, an Edinburgh suburb, on my way to the apartment where I stay for the week. Magical pink colours break through the dark grey sky above the Pentland Hills, southwest of Edinburgh. Oxgangs, only about a 15-minute walk to the foot […]

  • Travelogue – 10 February 2024

    Travelogue – 10 February 2024

    To Edinburg In the morning, I arrive by train in Edinburgh Waverley and climb the steps of Fleshmarket Close to reach High Street, a part of the Golden Mile. Immediately, I am surprised to hear so many people talking French. Most of them wear a hat or a shawl with the colours of the French […]

  • Travelogue – 9 February 2024

    Travelogue – 9 February 2024

    The Mitchell Library V A very chilly wind this morning in the street that leads to the back entrance of The Mitchell. Guess where I am going! Yes, the fifth floor of the library, for my final day of research in Glasgow. I intend to end all the planned research. I check records in the […]

  • Travelogue – 8 February 2024

    Travelogue – 8 February 2024

    The Mitchell Library IV Day four at The Mitchell. I start at Special Collections for an hour, then move to City Archive on the same floor from 10 am to noon. Filling in gaps and confirming detailed info on Thomson’s years in Glasgow. No surprises. At noon, I meet Niel Craig of the Junior Scottish […]

  • Travelogue – 7 February 2024

    Travelogue – 7 February 2024

    The Mitchell Library III It feels like winter, but it doesn’t look so. It is a fresh, crispy morning with a blue sky, and only one car in the street where I stay is dusted with fresh snow. I wonder from where the driver has come early in the morning? Today marks day three at […]