• Derbyshire


    Earl Sterndale As a village in the Upper Dove Valley, Earl Sterndale is popular with walkers, as it lies close to the distinctive and only ‘real’ peaks in the Peak District: Chrome Hill and Parkhouse Hill. May 2020. Coming back from a hike along both hills our car is parked near Crowdecote Lane running southeast to the nearby […]

  • Nether Broughton

    Nether Broughton

    Chapel Lane – Around 1908 The view of Chapel Lane, now a one-way street, is hard to recognise, except for the profile of the chapel and three houses further down the street, all on the right. Dodi Honisett remarks: “My partner, Mark Goodman, his nan and grandad lived in the now knocked down brick house […]

  • Redmile


    Along The Grantham Canal – 1920s Taken on a calm cloudy winter’s day, the old postcard features an unrippled strip of water, the Grantham Canal. Redmile lies about one-third of the way along the canal towards Nottingham downstream from Grantham. 33 miles in length this nineteenth-century canal was one of many in England, intensively navigated […]

  • Pickwell


    The village ‘traffic island’ – Early 1930s A 1d. scarlet postage stamp bearing the face of King Edward V on the reverse of the old postcard, and a picture of the War Memorial, dedicated in 1925, would date the picture to the early 1930s. Most of the objects on the villages’ ‘traffic island’ have disappeared. […]

  • Waltham on the Wolds

    Waltham on the Wolds

    High Street – Early 1900s An empty sandy main street vanishes, curving in the winter mist. All old houses and buildings are still there. Modern features are added: some cars, a satellite dish, and a rooftop antenna. The Church of St. Mary Magdelene, with 13th and 14th century Norman origins, rises as a backdrop. A […]