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Melton Borough Villages

A series on the 70 villages in the borough. It is an eclectic selection of old pictures and postcards from around 1880 to 1970, highlighting each village with a unique view and a short story on the shown place: street views, buildings, remarkable trees, village green, monuments, local pub, church, chapel, village shop, old post office, etc. This project is in collaboration with local history groups.

Grantham Canal

Highlights the past of Grantham Canal and shows the past of this canal with its bridges, locks, wharves, winding holes, towpaths and buildings and reveals how its impact on the landscape and neighbouring villages has changed. In collaboration with the Grantham Canal Society, the regional and local history groups and the Parish Councils.

Londonthorpe Woods and Belton Park

Brings the history of its places from the 19th century up to the post World War II period back to life. Additional to the joint Woodland Trust and National Trust project to reconnect Grantham to its historic landscape, which is supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Its main goals are improving the access to Londonthorpe Woods, Bellmount and Alma Park Wood, and bringing the history of its places and landscapes to life, both for the benefit of both people and wildlife.